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Southern Pines, NC


Foundation Equine Clinic is an equine exclusive veterinary practice serving Southern Pines NC, Aberdeen NC, Pinehurst NC, Raeford NC, Vass NC, Sanford NC and surrounding areas. The practice is dedicated to preventive care and dentistry, and values all types of horses and their owners. If you are looking for a horse vet or equine dentist in the sandhills of NC, please give us a call! 

Wellness Plans

2019 Wellness Plans


The Basic Package

Wellness plan patients also recieve:

  • unlimited fecal egg counts

  • reduced emergency fees**

  • 10% off chiropractic packages***

  • 10% off microchipping

  • 10% off sheath cleaning

The basic package includes the following services:

  • 2 Wellness exams (during vaccine visits)

  • 2 EWT and West Nile vaccines

  • 2 Flu/Rhino vaccines

  • 1 rabies vaccine

  • 1 Coggins test

  • 1 complete dental examination package*

$456 or $38/month

Add-On Packages

The following options are offered as “add-ons” to our basic package. These are designed to meet the needs of specific types of patients and are only available to those concurrently enrolled in a basic package.

20170621 ws-78.jpg

The Sport Horse Add-On

Recommended for horses actively competing or training

This package includes:

  • 2 health certificates per year

  • 1 full performance evaluation ****

  • 1 chiropractic assessment and adjustment

  • $130 imaging credit *****

$420 or $35 per month


The Senior Horse Add-On

Recommended for horses >15 or those with metabolic concerns

This package includes:

  • 1 basic blood panel per year ******

  • 1 additional dental examination package

  • 1 ACTH level or discounted TRH stimulation test *******

  • 1 insulin level

$420 or $35 per month

More Information:

* A complete dental examination package includes a physical exam, light standing sedation, dental function evaluation, full oral examination (with LED lights, full mouth speculum, mirror, dental picks and probes), dental endoscopy (evaluation of abnormalities with a camera inside the mouth),  routine "float," correction of simple dental abnormalities, incisor evaluation and cleaning. You are provided with a digital copy of your horse's exam chart and photographic records.

** The regular emergency fee for a patient receiving all these services is 120. The regular emergency fee for patients who do not receive all these services (vaccines, dental, fecals) is $145. The emergency fee for patients on a wellness package is $95.

*** discount applies to chiropractic packages of four adjustments and not the individual chiropractic examination and adjustment

**** A performance evaluation includes a baseline lameness evaluation with observation in-hand at the walk and trot, flexion tests of each joint, palpation of the neck, back and tendons, application of hoof testers, observation on the lungeline or in a round pen, ridden observation and evaluation of the heart and lungs after exercise. If a lameness is detected during the evaluation, nerve blocks and additional diagnostics aren’t included.

***** The imaging credit may be used for radiographs (x-rays), ultrasound, or endoscopy (including upper airway endoscopy or gastroscopy / stomach scoping).

****** A basic blood panel includes a CBC, Chemistry panel and fibrinogen. It evaluates red blood cells, white blood cells, organ values such as kidneys, liver and GI tract and indications of inflammation.

******* The ACTH level and TRH level test for the presence of PPID/ Cushing’s which is very common in older horses. An ACTH is recommended in the fall months, or can be used to monitor a horse’s response to treatment with Prascend. A TRH stimulation test is used to diagnose PPID/Cushing’s in the non-Fall months. The cost for a TRH stimulation test is regularly $237. Plan participants receive the test for $115.

To compare plan pricing to our regular prices- click here

What the Plans DON’T include:

Farm calls are not included in the plans since they vary by location.

Vaccine boosters for foals or horses that have not been previously vaccinated aren’t included.

If your horse needs specialized dental procedures, such as those for periodontal disease, additional sedation for dentistry (after the first dose that’s included with the package), or tooth extractions, those aren’t included with the package.

Discounted emergency fees don’t apply for calls made after 10pm. Discounted emergency fees apply only for the horse enrolled in the plan.

Services not included on the plan will be invoiced at full price and payment will be due at time of service.

More Details:

Payments: Payments may be paid as a one-time up front sum, or may be paid as monthly recurring charges to a credit or debit card. We do not accept care credit for wellness plans.

Add-ons must be purchased at the same time as enrollment in the basic plan.

Cancellation policy: If a plan is cancelled before the end of the 12-month period, the client is responsible for the full amount of the services already rendered, unless the payments already made on the account cover the full value of services already rendered.

Change in the cost of the plan: plan costs will not be changed during a calendar year. Plans will increase in price on January 1st of each year. Plan participants will be notified of the change 30 days prior to the increase. If a participant wishes to discontinue the plan, cancellation terms will apply.

Declined/Late Payments: if the credit card is declined at any time, the monthly payment amount must be paid within 30 days. We will contact you if the card expires or is declined. If payment is not brought up to date within 30 days, we will consider the plan cancelled and the cancellation terms will apply. We will not perform any services during the time in which the card is not up to date.

Refunds: refunds on payments will not be issued under any circumstances unless a payment was processed in error.

Death or sale of a horse: If a horse dies while on the plan, the plan will be considered cancelled. The client will have the option to finish the yearly payments or be billed for the full amount of services already rendered. If the horse is sold, cancellation terms will apply. Plans are not transferable to another horse.

Appointment Scheduling: we will make attempts to reach clients to schedule routine appointments within the scope of the wellness plans. If appointment scheduling calls are not returned, service is considered declined by the client; however, payments will continue to be collected until the end of the plan.

Any services within the scope of the plan that are not used within the 12 month plan period are non-transferable and there are no substitutions.

Wellness plans are available to clients in good standing. A “client in good standing” is defined as a client who has had at least one preventive care visit in the last 6 months, and who has paid that bill at time of service. We reserve the right to refuse membership in the plan for any reason.