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Southern Pines, NC


Foundation Equine Clinic is an equine exclusive veterinary practice serving Southern Pines NC, Aberdeen NC, Pinehurst NC, Raeford NC, Vass NC, Sanford NC and surrounding areas. The practice is dedicated to preventive care and dentistry, and values all types of horses and their owners. If you are looking for a horse vet or equine dentist in the sandhills of NC, please give us a call! 

Urinary Tract Disorders



Urinary Tract Disorders:

Horses can suffer from many disorders of the kidneys, ureters, bladder and urethra.


Symptoms of a Urinary Tract Problem

Signs of a urinary tract problem include drinking too much, urinating too much, urinating too little, bloody or discolored urine, straining to urinate, mouth ulcers or a change in appetite or attitude. Horses with a urinary tract problem sometimes seem "colicy" or may have behavior problems under saddle (like bucking). 


Common Urinary Tract Disorders

Common urinary tract disorders include kidney or bladder stones, renal failure or insufficiency, trauma and more. In geldings, accumulation of cellular debris (called "smegma") within the urethral fossa, referred to as the "bean," can often lead to discomfort during urination. 


Diagnosis of Urinary and Renal Problems

If you suspect your horse may have kidney or bladder problems, we will often start with an exam and bloodwork to look for increases in kidney values, anemia and signs of inflammation that may help with an initial diagnosis. A urinalysis is usually the next step, followed by rectal palpation of the bladder and kidneys, ultrasound of the kidneys, and/or endoscopy of the bladder.