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Southern Pines, NC


Foundation Equine Clinic is an equine exclusive veterinary practice serving Southern Pines NC, Aberdeen NC, Pinehurst NC, Raeford NC, Vass NC, Sanford NC and surrounding areas. The practice is dedicated to preventive care and dentistry, and values all types of horses and their owners. If you are looking for a horse vet or equine dentist in the sandhills of NC, please give us a call! 

Neurologic Disease


Neurologic Disease

Signs of neurologic disease in horses can be subtle or devastatingly obvious. These conditions can produce a subtle lameness or a down horse with seizures and everything in between. Signs of neurologic disease include behavior change, difficulty eating, tripping, stumbling, incoordination, and much more. Potential neurologic conditions should be evaluated as soon as they are noticed, as these conditions may progress rapidly.

The most common neurologic disease in the Southern Pines area of North Carolina is Equine Protozoal Myeloencephalitis (EPM). This disease can manifest in every range of clinical signs and can be difficult to diagnose. Other common neurologic diseases include viral encephalitis (EEE, WEE and West Nile Virus), bacterial meningitis, "wobblers" syndrome, cervical vertebral arthritis, tumors, trauma, polyneuritis equi, temporohyoid osteoarthropathy and much more.