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Southern Pines, NC


Foundation Equine Clinic is an equine exclusive veterinary practice serving Southern Pines, NC, Aberdeen NC, Pinehurst NC, Raeford NC, Vass NC, Sanford NC and surrounding areas. The practice is dedicated to preventive care and dentistry, and values all types of horses and their owners. If you are looking for a horse vet or equine dentist in the sandhills of NC, please give us a call! 

Colic / Abdominal Pain

Colic / Abdominal Pain

The definition of colic in a horse is "abdominal pain." While we traditionally think of colic as a problem with the GI tract of a horse, symptoms are the same for abdominal pain from the urinary tract, spleen, liver and other areas within the abdomen. Additionally, horses with pneumonia or fluid in the chest also usually appear "colicky." Signs of colic include rolling, pawing, "flipping" the upper lip, unwillingness to eat, looking at the sides, and much more. COLIC IS ALWAYS AN EMERGENCY! Valuable time can be wasted by delaying a phone call to your veterinarian. In the Southern Pines area of North Carolina, many horse owners call at the first sign of colic, even if the signs are mild. This allows the horse to receive pain medications and other therapeutics which often result in resolution of colic signs quickly and without major expense. After several hours with colic, a horse becomes dehydrated and systemically compromised, meaning that IV fluids are often necessary and additional diagnostics may need to be performed. This can results in considerable expense to the owner. Please, if you notice signs of colic, call quickly!

Why Foundation Equine?

If your horse experiences signs of colic, Foundation Equine Mobile Medicine and Dentistry can offer you the best care in the Southern Pines area. During the four years Dr. Kivett spent working in major university referral hospitals, one or more colic cases was admitted almost every day. That equals over a thousand colics, of every possible diagnosis and outcome. Dr. Kivett treated everything from the "one shot of Banamine and it's fine" case to the "six hours on the surgery table and two-weeks of post-op care" case.

With five years of experience treating emergencies in the field, Dr. Kivett has developed a strategy to offer the best care possible in even the most difficult situation. We are able to administer IV fluids in any setting, and can easily treat many different kinds of colic, from mild to severe, without leaving your farm.

In the event that a horse is in need of treatment beyond what is possible on the farm, we will have a frank conversation with the owner about expense, possible outcomes, and prognosis before making the decision to transport the horse to NC State or another referral hospital.